Circuit Coach

JOB GOAL: Motivate women to improve their health through proper nutrition and exercise provided by the Curves system. Training in the Curves system will be provided. SERVICING MEMBERS: Includes body measurements, goal setting, teaching the Curves circuit workout, weight loss instruction and light cleaning such as vacuuming, wiping off equipment, mirrors, etc. Training includes Curves workout, phone and price presentation certification program, measurements goal setting and procedures. GUEST PRODUCTION: Includes getting referrals from new members, calling referrals and setting appointments, placing lead bags, calling lead slips, handling incoming phone inquiries, book appointments, working the appointment book and giving out guest passes. MEMBERSHIP SALES: Includes evaluating the needs and goals of guests, giving tours of the facility, creating excitement and commitment, explaining the prices and programs, overcoming objections, membership agreements and paperwork. QUALIFICATIONS: High School Graduate or GED, preferred; Successful job experience; CPR Certification REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Nancy Clark, Owner Part-Time work with FREE Curves membership and discount on Curves products